#5 training tips from West-Sydney’s fittest athletes

 5 tips you can employ to completely revamp your body & fitness level:  Simplify - Don't overcomplicate the training program. For example, the Primal Figures philosophy for building muscle is to Lift the most amount of weight possible in a safe and sustainable way. Simple right..?   Take your rest seriously - FACT,  most people are overtrained. … Continue reading #5 training tips from West-Sydney’s fittest athletes


#1 Morning Rituals for Unshakeable Confidence

 I have been experimenting for years with various recommended morning routines, below is the method that i give credit for being able to simultaneously run a successful Personal Training business, leader of a private security team, compete at a national level in boxing, yoga practitioner, and competitive marathoner.   Include these in your morning and notice … Continue reading #1 Morning Rituals for Unshakeable Confidence

The 9 Laws of the Tribe

Connect with a like-minded tribe & enhance your quality of life as a part of a team. Primal Figures 9 Laws  Spread positive vibes   Support local & small businesses  Create your own identity  Have an open mind to EVERYTHING  Be a participant, not a spectator  Everything you do must be beneficial to your future self, … Continue reading The 9 Laws of the Tribe